Traditional Knowledge and Values

Indigenous Ecological Knowledge

Indigenous Ecological Knowledge is generational knowledge that has served first peoples since time immemorial. It is the scientific knowledge of the land (ʔamak) that connects our stories to our evolutionary and resilient history.


We are an Indigenous owned business specializing in Traditional Ecological Knowledge. We believe all people have and can grow significant connection to all living things (ʔa·kxam̓is q̓api qapsin’).

Eco-immersion: Indigenous Ecological Knowledge Classes, Courses and Workshops

Indigenous Ecological Knowledge

  • Introduction to Plant knowledge
  • Indigenous Connectedness Workshop
  • Land Stewardship and Usage Consultation

Ancestral Pathways to health

  • Introduction to Eco-immersion
  • Plant Identification (Ethnobotany)
  • Healing on the land (ʔamak)
    • Individual and Organization Wellness Planning

Walking Through the Seasons

  • Naturalization of Ancestral Foods: Traditional and Contemporary food preservation
  • Traditional Food as Medicine
  • Wild foraging: Prep, protocol and processing

Walking Through The Seasons

Coming soon 2023